Adam Stone
Vital statistics
Position Whitelighter, Pandora's Box Protector
Age 21 years old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'
Weight 176 lbs.
This character is RPed by User:JediForJesus.

Adam -member of Protectors of Pandora's Box

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Adam Stone grew up not know who his parents were. He lived in group homes, or the occasional foster home, all his life. But all that changed when he turned 15. One night, Adam was lying in bed when he heard a voice calling him. He jumped up, startled. The voice sounded again. Slowly, Adam stepped out of bed and towards the window. The voice sounded again. Adam looked out the window, and he saw a beautiful woman floating outside his window. She was wearing a long flowing dress, and held a box. She beckoned Adam. Adam started floating out towards here. In a bright flash of light, the woman touched Adam's head, giving him Whitelighter powers. In that same instance, she told him that her name was Pandora, and she told him about the Box. Pandora slowly floated away, and in another flash of light, she was gone, and Adam was lying in his bed again. Along the next few years, Adam finished school, while still protecting the Box at the same time. When Adam turned 18, he nearly left the face of the Earth. But, whenever he turned 21, he finally reappeared, a master in the Whitelight powers, and ready to protect the Box.


Adam is very gracious to have his powers, however, he is very proud of them. Occasionally, he'll become obnoxious and stuck-up, but eventually he'll snap out of it and realize how grateful he should be. Adam is a nomad, roaming from country to country. Wherever Pandora takes him, Adam goes. As being naturally American, Adam dresses in his white undershirt, his plaid overshirts overlapping it, contrasting his blue jeans and black work boots. He usually wears his black cap, covering his long, black hair and amber eyes. His scarred arms and ripped chest is a reminder of how much he's gone through.


  • Orbing: The ability to teleport through the use of orbs.
  • Hovering: The ability to rise a few feet in the air, with or without orbs.
  • Healing: The ability to heal physical wounds and different injuries
  • Photokineses: The ability to create and manipulate light and orbs.
  • Thermokinesis: The ability to mentally control and manipulate heat.
  • High Resistence: The power to be resistant to potentially lethal powers.
  • Regeneration: The ability to instantly heal oneself after being injured.
  • Omnilingualism: The ability to understand, speak, and read any language without training in it. Limited to the language of their charges.