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Joining WikiaEdit

Welcome to Wikia! To create an account, press the "Sign Up" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. After you click the button, it will ask you for a username, password, and email. Enter all these fields. Then, enter your birthday and the "Blurry Word" box. Remember: By clicking the "Create Account" button, you agree to Wikia's Terms of Use. After you click "Create Account," please continue to the next section.

Character CreationEdit

After you have registered, it is time to create a character.

Character ApprovalEdit

Before creating a character, it must be approved by an Administrator. In the below box, type the name of your character and press the "Create a Character" button. Be prepared to enter the following:

Affiliation (Light or Dark):

Topic Last Edit Last Author

Character PageEdit

After your character is approved, you can create a character page. Click the "Contribute" button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, beside the Wiki Navigation bar. Click "Add a new page." Now, you can create your character. Add the Template:Infobox character. Next, add your character's history. You can copy the history section from your character's Approval Forum, or expand the already created history. Next, add a Personality section, Powers section, listing your character's species' powers, and appearance section (you may add a gallery with pictures of your character in this section). After this, add the appropriate Categories (i.e. Male, Psychic, 18, etc.).

Word BubbleEdit

The Word Bubble is how your character role plays. Ask an Administrator to create a word bubble for your character with the following parameters:

Color (Top Color)
Color 2 (Bottom Color)
Text Color (Top)
Text Color 2 (Bottom)
Line (line separating the top and bottom)
Character's Name
Group Name

A fully functional word bubble looks like this:

Tumblr mmdjdntM9e1s5lu3wo1 500

Asher -member of Protectors of Pandora's Box

 – 19:15, August 22, 2013 (UTC)


To use your Word Bubble, put the following in the comments:

{{[Template Name Here]|[Text]|[Time, using five ~'s]}}
Now you're ready to role play! Go to a character's page, or a location page, and use your character's word bubble in the comments. Good luck.